Friday, August 6, 2010

Another late creme brulee

I didn't make many changes to the original recipe. I had great intentions of making individual tarts, until I realized that they would be much more work. Ultimately, I used pure vanilla from Mexico instead of vanilla beans or vanilla extract and 1% milk instead of 2% milk. I used some delicious freestone peaches from the farmer's market.

Here are the peaches and my custard.

I decided to go with the peaches on the bottom for more of a creme brulee feel.

Ultimately my problems came in the end when I tried to get a crispy top. After about 10 minutes in the broiler, I was freaking out that everything was burning. I pulled the pan out of the oven and found that the custard was separating. After that, I gave up on the crispy top. I stuck the pan in the fridge to try to salvage my hard work. Here is my final product. It would be better if I could have made an actual brulee top with a kitchen torch, but for a first attempt, I can't be too upset.


  1. Hey, if it still tastes good, you can live without the brulée!

  2. That darn crunchy top is the the hardest part with out a torch. It looks really good though.