Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cumin Kebabs

I missed last week's salmon because I was out of town, so I was very excited to get back in with this week's recipe. Only one problem; I don't eat red meat. After looking at the lamb in the grocery store, I decided to substitute pork. I am sure the lamb is delicious and that I would love it - it just wouldn't love me back.

I made the marinade last night, using 1/4 teaspoon of ground ginger since I didn't have fresh. That is one thing that I very rarely have on hand and I hate buying a whole finger of it just to use once. The pork had almost 12 hours to get awesome.

kebabs ready for the grill

We live in a condo unit and can't have a grill, so I have the biggest George Forman grill that I could find. I seriously love this thing. I used it to cook dinner every night for a week after I got it.

Lean, mean, fat-reducing grilling machine

I served these with parmesan couscous. The meat was so tender and flavorful, the onions got very sweet on the grill and, along with the pepper, gave a nice crunch to contrast with the pork. Definitely a keeper.

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