Thursday, August 5, 2010

Peach Creme Brulee

I love creme brulee. It is one of my favorite desserts and I order it whenever I see it on the menu, so I was excited to try this week's recipe.

I knew as soon as it was posted that I was going to make a change. Rather than use an ordinary pie crust, this just begged for a shortbread crust. I make my own pie crust all the time, but I have not made a shortbread crust before. As others reported, it did shrink a little, but not too badly. The amount of butter did cause some trouble. It melted and left some holes in the crust as it was baking.
I put the peaches on the bottom of my tart to try to get the crispy sugar shell on the top.I think that we can universally say that the broiler is not the appropriate tool for making a creme brulee. It definitely did not make the hard caramelized sugar shell that I was looking for. And I was terrified of burning it up.That said, we ate it tonight and even the kids liked it. It was surprisingly easy to make and I will probably do it again. But with a real kitchen torch next time.

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