Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Peaches and Cream

I usually do not bake much, I prefer to cook. With this in mind I knew it would be an interesting recipe to try.

First, how the heck do you peel peaches? The hubby said to use a vegetable peeler. What? He bakes? New to me and great suggestion. After they were peeled did I learn the boiling trick. Duh, you do that for tomatoes ::smacking forehead:: Anyway...

I used premade crust. Did not have a tart pan so I used a springpan. Custard was super easy to make, although I found that it took longer than the recommended time to bubble and thicken. I followed the recipe and placed the peaches on top. No torch (would a regular blow torch work 'cause I have them) so I used my broiler. It did not carmelize like I envisioned. Instead it blackened the peaches. I watched that sucker every second too. I also noticed that the juices sat on the top. Once refrigerated it seemed to resolve itself a tad.

Overall, I thought it was an easy, light dessert. I never knew custard was so simple to make. If I were to make to make it again I would most likely place the peaches on the bottom.

PS ~ Pics to come. My computer is being uncooperative tonight.

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