Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Millions of Peaches

I can't believe either one of the previous gals made reference to the epic song... :)
These peaches did NOT come from a can, they were NOT put there by a man in a factory downtown.
These peaches were actually picked from my in-laws' neighbors' orchard!
I took Alyson's idea and made these individual sized, because, well, I didn't have a torte pan, anyway, and I thought it was smart. And because she told me I could.
What do you know? My Pillsbury crust did the great shrinking act that Alyson's did!
For the custard, I didn't do much different, however, I did use baking Splenda wherever the recipe called for sugar, and I used 1/2% milk... I was worried it wouldn't set up well, but it was perfect! I didn't have a vanilla bean on hand, so I used Mexican Vanilla... My favorite! It gave it a little extra flavor... I highly recommend it! If I had been brave, I would have added the cinnamon I toyed with adding... I think it would have been delicious!

I wish I had a kitchen torch... I didn't think about having to cover all those crusts with foil to keep them from burning while I was broiling the darn things! Also---FYI: If you are ever making cupcakes or muffins or pastries and don't fill all of the compartments of the muffin tin, fill the spare ones with a bit of water to keep the pan from burning and to keep baking consistent... great tip I picked up somewhere... use it all the time!

I don't know if I will make this recipe a lot, because Josh and I are pretty big fans of cobbler, (Josh even calls me "Cobbler" instead of "sugar" or "honey" or "cupcake") and with this being so similar, I doubt it will win out... It was a delicious summer recipe, though, and a great way to utilize some of the ten pounds of peaches I now have sitting on my kitchen counter... :)

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