Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Too many alarms to count

I made the chili. It was delicious. But it was SPICY. Like, literally made my ears ring. Methinks I overdid the jalapenos. More specifically, the jalapeno seeds. I'll lighten up on them next time.

What I really liked about the recipe was how easy it was to put together. I just stood next to the pot and threw things in as I chopped them up.

We happened to shop at a new market this week and I didn't know where to find the veggie "meat" stuff. So I skipped it. I guess that made it more of a bean stew. I was reminded that "garbanzo beans" are sold as chick peas around these parts. I didn't measure the spices but I threw in some paprika, cayenne pepper (more heat - yay), garlic salt and garlic powder in there along with the other stuff. Great flavour. Waaaay too much heat.

So, wish us and our taste buds luck as we try to finish the rest of the pot.

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