Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Catching up!

Though I couldn't post about the lamb recipe or the stuffed trout while I was up at the cottage, I did make both recipes!

We did the lamb recipe (using flank steak) for our anniversary dinner and it was delicious!

Asparagus, potatoes, red onions, peppers and flank steak.
You'll see that we deconstructed the skewers and served the elements separately.
Happy Anniversary to Us!
Check it out, we even got a bottle of the wine we served at the wedding!

The trout (for which we sandwiched together two trout fillets) was AMAZING. My husband and I were in seventh heaven. I think the stuffing alone will go into my recipe box!

All tied up, bondage style.
The plate was pretty brown - roasted sweet potato fries and sautéed mushrooms, so I feel a bit guilty about the lack of colour.

Check out that flaky goodness!
Mmm. And it was perfectly flaky.

Mmm. Mushrooms.
I can't wait to get back on schedule for this week's recipe!