Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rude-looking, but delicious cookies

Yay for a dessert week!

This was a pretty easy recipe. I didn't have instant espresso so I used a shot of coffee liqueur instead. I also had to skip the hazelnuts... I had some, but they smelled funky. So no hazelnuts.

I was confused at the instruction to beat the flour into the butter. In my experience, you can't just turn the beater on when you pour that much dry stuff over that little butter, or it goes flying. I found it much more effective to mix the dry ingredients in with a fork.

I also saw no need to knead the dough on waxed paper. I just kneaded it in the bowl.

Here's a picture of the cookies before baking. It looks a little, um, rude.

I also took a picture of the dough in the bowl. But it looks even ruder.

Since Nutella (or my store-brand version) is rather goopy stuff, I devised an easier way to scoop it onto the cookies.

1. Take a measuring spoon and dig out a heaping spoonful.
2. Use a knife to scrape the top off onto a cookie.
3. Then dig out the rest onto another cookie.

Amazing. I loved them. Great nighttime snack. But I shouldn't have eaten three at once. That was a little too rich.

The chocolate portion of these reminded me of these Vegan Mexican Chocolate Snickerdoodles, minus the spice. I wonder if these could be made with oil instead of butter.

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  1. Hehe, you cookies look like poop!

    I just made my dough in my stand-mixer. After dumping in the flour mix I just turned it on to low, let it run for a bit, scraped down the bowl, turned it on again and BAM, dark chocolaty dough.