Monday, September 13, 2010

Pigging out

I love Thai food, but I've never made it myself. So I had every intention of being diligent and following this week's recipe to a tee.

But then we went grocery shopping. At first, we couldn't find the ground pork. We would have looked harder until we saw this:
3kg (about 6.6lb) of pork. At $1.72 a pound. We couldn't resist.

"We can grind it with our KitchenAid mixer meat grinder attachment!" said we.

Well, we got home, and remembered what a pain it was to clean that thing. So we went and cut up a quarter of that pork into cubes instead. The rest was portioned and frozen.

(I shall be grateful if more pork recipes are posted over the next few weeks.)

Anyway, despite all this, we loved the recipe. I absolutely loved the sauce. I was actually surprised at how well the sauce coated the meat; I was skeptical when I realized that the recipe didn't call for the meat to be marinated. I'm sure I would have loved it more if we had actually used ground pork, which would have soaked up even more sauce. I have some leftover pork, which I shall be packing with some rice and salad for lunch later this week.

Not pretty. But still delicious.

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