Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Victor and I are having a vegetarian week, so I opted to make a meat-free version of this pizza pot pie.

First, I sautéed a red bell pepper, onion, and some king mushrooms with some salt and Italian seasoning.
Pretty, eh?
Into the pan that went with tomato sauce.

My ricotta mixture contained some garlic scapes along with the other stuff. I wasn’t sure what it meant to “dot” the tomato sauce with the ricotta so I plopped it on in generous globs.

Probably not 2 cups of mozza, but I was too lazy to grate more
The topping was Victor’s homemade pizza dough. My last egg went into the ricotta so I brushed the top with olive oil instead. I had some trouble tucking it around the pan so I just hoped for the best…

I think it leaked a little. Oh well.  

I wasn’t really sure what to make of this recipe. It tasted good – especially the ricotta – but it seemed like a rather inconvenient way to eat pizza.

Upside down? With a spoon?
I also wasn’t a fan of the pizza dough as a topping; for me, the pastry top is the best part of a pot pie.

But as I said, I did love the ricotta filling and will probably use that again on future (right-side up) pizzas.

I also found it to be a good make-ahead recipe. I made the ricotta mixture, grated the mozzarella, and sautéed the veggies while Victor made the dough. Then I went out for a run while waiting for the dough to rise. When I came back, all I had to do was assemble the pie, and pop it in the oven. Obviously this is even easier if you use pre-made pizza dough and pre-grated cheese.

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